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Marcus T. Thomas

Welcome to mttphotography!


I'll start by saying, I am a photographer who is also an entertainer.  Therefore, I understand just how time consuming and costly it can be pursuing your dreams. So, in order to help fellow artists and further feed my own creative passions, I am here to offer you quality photography at reasonable rates. I was a visual artist from a young age, expressing myself through any medium I could get my hands on: watercolor, ink, charcoal, paint and even clay. My creative eye combined with experience in business, and product marketing, will assist us in creating images that are sure to stand out!

Scroll through the site and contact me today to make an appointment! You'll be happy you did.


Take a look at these testimonials to see what clients are saying.


"Personable, passionate photography. Satisfaction guaranteed."
-Margo Moorer, Actress (Sheena, ATL, Forrest Gump)
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