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"My new headshot with Marcus helped me book a FOX pilot without an audition. I went from non-union to SAG eligible in 3 days. My old headshot would never have gotten me noticed."

- Chris S.

"Marcus helped me feel comfortable and confident. I received a call from a top agent within 24 hours of sending out my headshots, you couldn't ask for more than that! Thank you, Marcus!"
- Nicole V.O.
"The most fun I have ever had on a shoot. Personable, passionate photography. Satisfaction guaranteed."

- Margo M.

"I feel like I got more than I paid for. I'm getting more auditions than ever before."
- Ian C.
"I have been working with Marcus professionally for a while now, and I have never been let down. He is always prepared, timely, creative, and passionate about accomplishing the best results possible. He is great at communicating what he would like to capture in you and extremely goal oriented at getting the results each individual wants to see in themselves. He understands the importance of a headshot, or zed photos, because he too is a working actor and model. This understanding is priceless when it comes to choosing a photographer. Marcus will always give you his best and that is worth so much for we aspiring artists."

- Mia E.

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