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Retouching, Headshot Set-Ups & Business Tools

(minor retouching example)


Before going through the process of having prints reproduced, often times, retouching is required or can make that almost perfect shot even better. Sometimes a little enhancement goes a long way. I use a very naturalistic approach to retouching that does not alter one's true likeness.  Casting directors do not like the airbrushed look!


(before and after comparisons to the right)

(major retouching example)
Headshot Set-Ups


For those hard copy prints that are sometimes needed by casting, I offer you a veriety of border options and name fonts.  Headshot set-up is included with a session or retouching package, but can also be purchased separately.


(CLICK on the image to the left to view various options)

$20 Set-Up

Business Cards

It's time for your very own personalized business card. I will take your headshot and create the perfect wallet-sized ad that you can hand out to anyone you come in contact with. Single or double-sided. 



Another way to ensure that agents, managers and casting directors are aware of your television, film and stage productions is by sending postcards; either hardcopy by mail or electronically via email or casting websites. Hardcopy postcards may be single or double-sided.

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